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Magnesium Oxide Caustic Calcined Magnesia Powder To Europe Market

Magnesium Oxide Caustic Calcined Magnesia Powder To Europe Market

For Europe market, Caustic Calcined Magnesia is mainly used in feed additives, abrasive, waste water treatment or desulfurizer in enery plants. MgO is an ideal option to use in solving enviromental problems.

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Specification: Calcined Brucite Powder is offwhite powder without special smell, which is manufactured by calcining raw magnesite at 750-1000image007

Application: Magnesium Oxide Caustic Calcined Magnesia Powder To Europe Market, most customers use magnesium oxide powder Caustic Calcined Magnesia as below:

1. Caustic Calcined Magnesia can be used in abrasive stones. As the owner of magnesite, we have the best quality ore with low SiO2 and CaO content to calcine MgO powder, which is suitable to use in manufacture abrasive stones and grinding wheels. In the production, low CaO can make the stones hard. Low SiO2 can make the stones smooth. And moderate LOI can shorten the setting time.  

2. Caustic Calcined Magnesia can be used in water treatment to remove acidity substance or inhibit hydrogen sulfide generation in sewage network. 

3. In Feed additives, Magnesium Oxide Powder is used as magnesium supplement. Plant forage and animal feeds are often deficient in the required magnesium levels for healthy animal nutrition. A supplemental source of magnesium is required to maintain healthy levels within a ruminant’s diet. We have FAMI-QS certificate which is approved by feed additives industry.

4. In the energy plants or large steam production units, burning fuel oil or coal, sulfur dioxide (SO2) is generated, then SO2 will be partially oxidized to sulfur trioxide (SO3). SO3 will be formed acid rain to be harmful for the plants and environment. Magnesium Oxide is the best choose used to react with SO3 then form Magnesium sulfate.

5. For Soil Decontamination, magnesium oxide provide alkaline conditions. The hydroxides of the heavy metals have very low solubility at a pH range of 9-10 conditions. Magnesium oxide is used to precipitate heavy metals in waste water as well as stabilisation and bonding of the heavy metals that are found in solid wastes. 

Magnesium oxide is also can used in other field as below:


Packing: 25kg, 50kg or jumbo bag are all available.

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