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Technological process of fused magnesia
Dec 03, 2018

Light burnt magnesia powder and sintered magnesia powder obtained from pure magnesite, natural magnesite or seawater (brine) can be used as raw materials, but most fused magnesia is made from natural magnesite or light burnt magnesia powder with high crystal potential. Electric arc, like other fused raw materials such as corundum, has fixed type and tilting type. The raw material is naturally cooled after melting in the electric arc furnace to make the periclase crystal crystallize and grow from the melt. The cooling rate should be slowed down because the size of periclase crystal is affected by cooling conditions. Rapid cooling will lead to smaller size of periclase crystal. After cooling, the undermelt on the bulk can be removed, and the undermelt can be returned to the electric arc furnace. The frit can be broken into the size required by the market.

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