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What are the characteristics of magnesium oxide desulfurization process?
Dec 03, 2018

Magnesium oxide is widely used in various industries, especially in industrial industries. Most of them are used in desulfurization process. However, what are the characteristics of magnesium oxide desulfurization?

1. Adequate sources of raw materials

Magnesium oxide reserves in China are considerable. At present, the proven reserves of magnesium oxide are about 16 billion tons, accounting for about 80% of the world. Its resources are mainly in Liaoning Province. Magnesium oxide can be used as desulfurizer in power plant desulfurization system.

2, mature technology

Magnesium oxide desulfurization technology is a kind of desulfurization technology whose maturity is second only to calcium method. Magnesium oxide desulfurization technology has a lot of application achievements all over the world. Among them, more than 100 projects have been applied in Japan, 95% of Taiwan's power plants are using magnesium oxide method, and it has been applied in the United States, Germany and other places, and now in China. Some areas have already achieved application results.

3, high desulfurization efficiency.

Magnesium oxide is much more active than calcium-based desulfurizer in chemical reaction, and its molecular weight is smaller than that of calcium carbonate and calcium oxide. Therefore, the desulfurization efficiency of magnesium oxide is higher than that of calcium method under the same other conditions. Generally, the desulfurization efficiency of magnesium oxide can reach 95-98%, while the desulfurization efficiency of limestone/gypsum method can only reach 90-95%.

4, less investment cost

Magnesium oxide as desulfurization has its own unique advantages, so the structure design of absorption tower, the size of circulating slurry, the overall scale of the system and the power of the equipment can be relatively small, so that the investment cost of the whole desulfurization system can be reduced by more than 20%.

5. Low operating cost.

The main factors determining the operation cost of desulfurization system are the consumption cost of desulfurizer and water, electricity and steam. The price of magnesium oxide is higher than that of calcium oxide, but the consumption of removing the same SO2 magnesium oxide is 40% of calcium carbonate. The liquid-gas ratio is a very important factor in power consumption, such as water, electricity and steam, which directly affects the desulfurization efficiency of the whole system and the operation cost of the system. For the limestone gypsum system, the liquid-gas ratio is generally above 15L/m3, while the magnesium oxide is below 5L/m3, so the magnesium oxide desulfurization process can save a large part of the cost. At the same time, the sale of magnesium oxide by-products can offset a large part of the cost.

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