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Magnesium Oxide Powder 80%

Magnesium Oxide Powder 80% is offwhite powder, and slightly soluble in water, which is produced from raw magnesite at around 900℃. It can be used as magnesium fertilizer in agriculture, or Magnesium sulphate production.

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Application: Magnesium Oxide Powder 80% can be used in producing Magnesium sulphate. Here comes the productive process:

Raw materials: Magnesium oxide and sulfuric acid.

Reaction formula:

MgO + H2SO4 + 6H2O=MgSO4.7H2O

1. Measure the magnesium oxide powder and sulfuric acid proportionally.

2. Add some water in neutralizing tank, slowly adding magnesium oxide powder and Stiring, after that adding sulfuric acid and keep PH=5, Density=1.370g/m³ - 1.384g/m³, Temperature=80℃.

3. Filter the mixture and put it in the crystallizer.

4. Cooled to 30℃ and subjected to centrifugal separation.

5. Put wet material into vibration fluidized bed.

6 .Dry it and get Magnesium sulfate heptahydrate at 50℃-55℃

Magnesium oxide is also can be used as the fields as below:


Packing:  25kg, 50kg or 1250kg bag all available.



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