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What Are The Different Active Magnesium Oxides And Their Applications?
Dec 03, 2018

I believe you all have a certain understanding of magnesium oxide, which can be used not only in chemical materials, but also in various fields of industry. According to different properties, magnesium oxide has many different properties, one of which is active magnesium oxide. Activated magnesium oxide is a kind of functional inorganic material which only appeared in recent years. Its application fields are also different. According to the amount of iodine absorbed, active magnesium oxide can be divided into high active magnesium oxide, active magnesium oxide and low active magnesium oxide.

Magnesium oxide with high activity is mainly used in medical butyl rubber bottle stoppers. It has special functions such as light, electricity, heat, chemistry, mechanics and so on. Medium active magnesium oxide is mainly used for chloroprene, while low active magnesium oxide is more used for wastewater treatment with high acid value and flue gas desulfurization. Magnesium oxide with low activity is also a water purifier, which is often used in the field of water treatment. The most commonly used method for obtaining low-activity magnesium oxide is calcination of magnesite. Now there is a new production process of low active magnesium oxide, that is, the technology of producing active magnesium oxide by ammonium bicarbonate in brine. This technology has been recognized by the industry, this method is also a new type of rapid production technology of magnesium oxide, brine ammonium bicarbonate method has high production stability, strong sustainability and high stacking density. The magnesia produced by this technology can also meet the national requirements and even reach the international standards.

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