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Brucite powder Magnesium Hydroxide is widely used in water treatment
Feb 14, 2019

Brucite powder Magnesium Hydroxide is widely used in water treatment, the slurry of magnesium hydroxide has the advantages of non-precipitation and non-fluidity, easy to use and adjust. Magnesium hydroxide has a unique buffer and neutralization ability because of its weak alkalinity. The pH value of magnesium hydroxide can not exceed 9 in the use process. This is the highest limit of the pH system allowed in the Clean Water Acts of the US Environmental Protection Agency. Excessive alkaline substances can make the pH value exceed 12. The neutralization speed of magnesium hydroxide is slow, the precipitation speed of neutralized particles is fast, and it is easy to filter. Moreover, it has strong adsorption capacity, high activity and low corrosiveness. These advantages make magnesium hydroxide in the treatment of acidic wastewater can reduce the operation process and time, reduce equipment investment. Therefore, magnesium hydroxide can be widely used in the treatment of acidic wastewater.

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