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Magnesium oxide nanoparticles can be used as corrosion inhibitors in fuel additive
Jan 30, 2019

Magnesium oxide nanoparticles are processed from magnesia ore. The preparation of magnesia nanoparticles is a very complicated process. Magnesium hydroxide is calcined at high temperature to produce magnesia. Magnesium oxide obtained by calcination has high thermal and chemical stability, and can be used to produce flame retardant coatings. It is also suitable for refractory lining of furnace and boiler. Compared with particle size, MgO nanoparticles have larger specific surface area. This makes it useful in the construction industry. Magnesium oxide nanoparticles have been widely used in electronics, electrical and other fields due to their excellent insulation properties. Magnesium oxide nanoparticles are also used as corrosion inhibitors in fuel additives and other fields.


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