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Marketization Of Burnt Magnesium Powder
Dec 03, 2018

Large-scale enterprises and global marketization are twin brothers. In order to maintain huge production capacity, multinational companies need access to raw materials and markets. In order to obtain raw materials and markets, it is necessary to extend the tentacles to every valuable corner of the world. China has abundant refractory raw materials, large market capacity, low labor costs and good investment environment. These are the reasons why foreign companies have entered China one by one.

China is the world's largest producer of refractory raw materials, and China's magnesite and crystalline graphite reserves rank first in the world. Over the years, China's high-alumina bauxite exports are also among the highest in the world. Therefore, the production of refractory materials in China is conducive to solving the problem of raw materials on the spot. China is the world's largest producer of steel and building materials. Therefore, the production of refractory materials in China is conducive to solving the problem of product sales on the spot. China's labor costs are low, and refractory materials are labor-intensive products. Therefore, the production of refractory materials in China is also conducive to reducing production costs and improving the competitiveness of products.

In 2017, China's refractory ceramic products and refractory industry special research and investment value forecast report analysis that at present, the ceramic refractory market industry is in the development stage, the market needs a process for the understanding, recognition and acceptance of high-performance new products. Therefore, from the current development of the country, it is still in the primary development stage, and the prospects are very impressive.

As the demand for refractory materials has decreased, fierce and brutal competition has taken place among refractory companies in developed countries. Inefficiencies are gradually eliminated, and efficient people can survive. Among them, the large-scale enterprise is a good way to improve efficiency.

Large-scale enterprises can improve the ability to develop new products. After the merger, it will help to avoid duplication of research, help to share knowledge, experience and know-how, conduct technical exchanges, concentrate on superior strengths, and help build a fully qualified research team. Large-scale enterprises can improve quality, such as mining. After the merger of raw materials and product enterprises, the whole process control from mine to final product can be realized. This creates good conditions for stabilizing and improving product quality.

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