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Significant Effect Of Magnesium Sulfate
Dec 03, 2018

Magnesium sulfate has the following remarkable effects.

1. effective relief of pain

Magnesium sulfate in magnesium sulfate can reduce inflammation and inflammation and reduce muscle pain. Placing some magnesium sulfate in the bath can release magnesium, which can greatly relieve human pain.

2. Effective removal of thorns

If the finger is stuck by sawdust in cross-country, the sawdust can be easily pulled out by using magnesium sulfate solution at this time.

3. Cleaning tiles and grouting

The ceramic tile can be quickly removed by putting the ceramic tile into magnesium sulfate solution.

4. Effective cleaning of pots and pans

When cooking, the bottom of the pan is usually fried, but the burnt part can be quickly removed by using magnesium sulfate solution and detergent.

5. wash your feet and exfoliate.

Mixing magnesium sulfate with coconut oil can effectively exfoliate. Play the role of beautiful skin.

6. Magnesium sulfate can be used as fertilizer for flowers and plants

Magnesium sulfate is mainly composed of sulfate and magnesium, in which magnesium can greatly promote the growth of chlorophyll.

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