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Laboratory Method for Light Burned Magnesium Oxide Powder
Dec 03, 2018

The content of magnesium oxide was determined by EDTA complexometric titration, triethanolamine as masking agent, chrome black T as indicator and 0.02mol/LED TA as indicator at pH 10. The magnesia-calcium complexometric content was measured first, then the calcium content was subtracted. In Russian standard, EDTA complexometric titration method is used. In the solution after calcium determination, magnesium hydroxide is dissolved by hydrochloric acid, and ammonia is added to adjust to the required pH value. Acidic chrome blue black is used as indicator, complexometric titration is carried out with 0.1 mol/LED TA.

Light burnt magnesia is also called caustic bitter soil and active magnesia. Magnesium hydroxide (OH) 2, which is extracted from natural magnesite ore, brucite and seawater or brine, is calcined at 700-1000 C to obtain light-burned magnesia.

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