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Is magnesium sulfate reusable?
Dec 03, 2018

Magnesium sulfate used in our daily life is soluble in water, the solution is colorless and tasteless, and has no irritating odor. External application of hot and humid compress can play an anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling role. Can magnesium sulfate be reused? Now let's introduce it to you.

Dissolve magnesium sulfate in hot water, dip it in full water with a towel, squeeze it slightly, then put it in the affected area, and change it when the towel is cooler, so repeatedly. Used underwater sub-heat can also be used.

Magnesium sulfate hot compress is to pour magnesium sulfate on the gauze and apply it on the swelling area. According to the pharmacological principle of magnesium sulfate, wet compress of magnesium sulfate solution on the swelling area can play an anti-swelling role. There are no side effects.

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