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The difference between burnt magnesium powder and light burnt magnesium powder
Dec 03, 2018

Magnesite can be calcined and melted at different temperatures to produce light burnt magnesium, calcined magnesium powder and fused magnesia whose main component is magnesia.

Magnesite is calcined at a temperature of 750-1100 and is called "light burn". Its product is called light burned magnesium powder, which is referred to as light burnt powder. Light-burning powder is mainly used to make cementitious materials, insulating and sound-insulating building materials, and also as ceramic raw materials.

The re-burned powder is mainly made of light-burned powder as raw material, which is obtained by water selection, hydrolysis, solid-liquid separation, drying, calcination and pulverization. The production of heavy magnesia has high quality requirements for light burned magnesia powder. Generally use high-grade powder produced from high-quality magnesite, should not have moisture agglomeration

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